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FluxTime is a timer tag that has the ability to indicate via an Electro Chromic display the remaining time in a pre-programmed amount of time.

FluxTime is intended for rental shops to attach to their short-term (same day) rental goods, helping customers keep track of how much time they have left to use their rental. However, the product can be used in a variety of ways, such as keeping track of hair dye application time.

Inductive charging gives the product high portability and adaptability to different vendor and customer needs. The marketing objective of FluxTime is to enhance customer experience. It provides a visual reference of time on a small, portable, and waterproof tag. Thus, FluxTime eliminates the need for customers to provide waterproof watches and helps avoid late fees.


FluxTime employs technologies such as screen printed electronics, Electro Chromic ink, pre-programmed microcontrollers, inductive charging, etc.
FluxTime was produced in 2 versions:

Rental Tag

FluxTime Rental Tag

Product 1

Product 1: Simple Timer

All bars of the Electro Chromic Display are electrically loaded by inductive charging. After removing the tag from the charger, the “on time” depends on the electrical components parallel to the display:

Capacitor for longer “on time”

Capacitor for longer “on time”


Resistance for shorter “on time”

Printed Version

Printed Version

Circuit Layout

Circuit Layout

Product 2

Product 2: Complex Timer

The Lithium coin cell battery is charged inductively. This is indicated by a LED hidden in the trunk of the palm tree. After removing the charger from the tag, the microcontroller starts driving the large right bar of the Electro Chromic Displays. At defined time sequences the bar turn off and the bar on its left turns on. When the small left bar turn off, the time ends.

The microcontroller allows for exact control of the time ranging from minutes to several hours.

Printed Version

Printed Version

Circuit Layout

Circuit Layout


The Recreation Goods Rental market segment holds approximately 17% – 20% market share in the Consumer Product Rental market. This means this market segment has average annual revenue of approximately $4.25 Billion.

The profitability and market demand is driven by different factors such as:

Most major fluctuations in the market are:

Suggested marketing timeline:

Target Market

The primary market for this product is business owners who operate stores that rent out water sports equipment.

The marketing goal is to enhance customer experience and add new value to businesses. FluxTime provides the customer with a visual reference of how much time they have left to use their rental equipment. This relieves the customer of the hassle of preparing a waterproof timer or watch. Customers are then more likely to return to the business and recommend the business to friends and customers.

FluxTime tags are waterproof and can be attached to watersports equipment. Furthermore, inductive charging not only makes it easy for any employee to recharge the tags, but also eliminates exposed electrical components that can be damaged due to water exposure.

Secondary Markets

Health & Beauty industry: timer for hair dye and other beauty product application, medication dosage, etc.

Food industry: open food container expiration timer (orange juice, milk, cream, etc.)


groupOur team consists of an international group of students and faculty all attending California Polytechnic State University. This project was completed during the Winter and Spring Quarter 2014.

Project Advisor

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Moosheimer

Project Managers:

Greg Bergdoll
Zoey Le

Circuit Design:

Joe Mazzanti
Ryan Moelter
Benny Ng
Haleigh Vierra

EC Ink

Errol Leon
Grace Luo


Daniel Clement
Alexandra Mayr
Logan Spittler

Structural Design

Stefan Eberle
Lukasz Guzik
Bjorn Jansen

User Interface Design

Stephanie Friend
Karli Sherer
Ginny Yan