The student project Magic-MINT-Box was developed by a group of students majoring Print and Media Technology from Munich University for Applied Sciences. Magic-Mint-Box is a print product made for kids with educational purposes. It enables kids to learn about magnetism and electricity in a playful way. The whole project is a part of the teaching modul and was developed and managed by students under the guidance and support of Prof. Dr. Ulrich Moosheimer.

The management method ‚Scrum Framework‘ was being applied during the whole process. This agile framework breaks work into actions that can be completed within timeboxed iterations, commonly two weeks but no longer than one month. The progress was constantly being tracked and replanned for further actions also managed by a student on this project.

Distinctive Feature:

the project has a due date which was being worked under time pressure towards to therefore a long term goal, which was submitting the finished product to the Print and Media Award.



A box for kids containing materials to build the Magic Box designed and constructed by students as part of a course „Projekt“.

The content of the Magic-MINT-Box:

Magic Box

Developed by last years student project: A box which demonstrates the usage of magnetism. The magnetic switch was developed by Prof. Dr. Moosheimer and is submitted for a patent.

Printed circuit paths using silver color applying the silkscreen print method. Following LEDs are being placed on the paths, which will illuminate upon opening the box which activates the switch.


(developed by Prof. Dr. Marcus Stäuble):

A spinning toothbrush head which is being activated by batteries. It has been introduced and used as a demonstration to explain children electricity in a exciting way in primary schools.

Challenge faced during the process:

- Adjustments of measurements for the outer box (Magic-Mint-Box) to place materials in a compact and sustainable way.

- Foiling of the outer box: machine at the university facility are limited therefore a external partner is being needed for the process.

Applied Technologies on manufacturing process: